Why Manifesting Kindness and Compassion Is Essential for Your Spiritual Life and for This World

Why Manifesting Kindness and Compassion Is Essential for Your Spiritual Life and for This World

Manifesting kindness and compassion is essential for your own spiritual growth, as well as for the evolution of humanity. Up to now, human civilization has not been very evolved, spiritually. We manifest war, lies, manipulation, corruption, greed, as well as other symptoms of the primitive state of our society. So many humans are not able to behave honestly and peacefully that we need armies and police and put locks and alarm systems everywhere.

Spiritual development and maturity, ultimately, are genuine when we manifest kindness and compassion. What use have psychic abilities, knowledge of sacred books, channeling, altered states, or religious rites, if one’s heart is not awakened and kindness and compassion are not felt and expressed? If they are not present, the essential is missing. Spiritual figures that are truly inspiring will always be kind and compassionate. It will both show in their public and personal life – not just in the public persona. Otherwise, chances are this is spiritual ego at play, looking for followers rather than genuinely being kind and compassionate.

The Obvious Value of Kindness and Compassion

We all spontaneously recognize kindness as good. Kindness is what makes relations worthwhile and nourishing. A simple smile is already a good manifestation of kindness. Being calm and facilitating, knowing when to listen with empathy, giving a hand when needed, and being forgiving, are all beautiful manifestations of kindness. Next-level kindness, that is, being kind and staying calm with those that are unkind to us, is not easy but is a great sign of spiritual maturity.

Manifesting compassion is also a sure sign of spiritual development. Helping the victims of an accident or a natural disaster, helping the poor and the sick, and maintaining a safe heart space to welcome those going through a rough time, are all manifestations of compassion. Before being a concrete gesture, compassion is, at its root, an inner manifestation of the spiritual heart. It is unconditional love for those who are in pain, it is an intention to help and to heal. Just being present to others, sitting in silence, without denying their suffering, in the energy of the heart, is a great manifestation of compassion. Real compassion can be felt without any words or actions.

Do Not Forget about Self-Kindness and Self-Compassion

Be sure to realize that self-kindness and self-compassion are also essential ! Self-kindness is a must. You cannot evolve without knowing how to nurture and protect yourself. For example, you cannot mature spiritually if you do not know how to calmly but firmly set healthy boundaries ( this last mention also allows understanding that being kind and compassionate is not about being weak or helpless in the face of malicious intent, but about being balanced… 😉 ) Self-kindness also manifest in multiple aspects, like eating healthy food that is full of life rather than lifeless processed food with artificial flavors and colors. There are many ways to be kind to ourselves, and we definitely need to find a healthy balance between taking care of ourselves and taking care of others.

Self-compassion is as important. Loving ourselves despite our imperfections, forgiving ourselves for our errors and shortcomings despite the best of intentions, and being mindfully present to ourselves even when we feel negative emotions, are all tools that allow us to embrace our limited human nature.

Why Kindness and Compassion Are so Essential

So, why are kindness and compassion so essential ? Because they are absolutely needed for spiritual evolution, both personally and as a civilization. Think about it :  when we say that we want to make the world a better place, what is really missing to create it ? Money ? More food? Knowledge ? Technology ? No. What is obviously lacking is more kindness and compassion, both at the personal level and at the international level. There are enough resources and technology for all humans to thrive and live in peace. Only kindness and compassion are missing for this better world to become a reality for all.

Do not expect politics, economy, or technology, in their current state, to guide society toward becoming a more evolved civilization. Not even religions – they are often implicated in wars, scandals, and politics. And, even if most religions have very valuable core teachings, they are entangled with many confusing half-truths. They present some limiting beliefs and practices as if they were universal, essential, and eternally relevant, while they are not. Kindness and compassion are universal, essential, and always relevant ! And if you practice them consistently, that is all you need to evolve spiritually and help the world evolve, too.

Kindness and compassion boost spiritual evolution because they make you manifest the divine part of yourself. At the same time, it helps those who benefit from these manifestations to remember their own divine essence. When you exude kindness, you feel a sincere love for everyone that life sends you, and you honor their presence. You see the divine essence in them, often more than they see it themselves, and you trust that they will remember their true nature in their own time.

Kindness and Compassion for the Win !

I deeply believe that kindness and compassion are essential ingredients if we really want to create a better world for everyone. Changes for the best will automatically come when enough individuals will choose kindness and compassion. Then political and social institutions will reflect these preferences, and corporations and the economy will have no choice but to align with these values. At the personal level, we will find healthy compromises to create the best for everyone. At the international level, rather than solving conflicts with bombs and guns, we will find solutions inspired by respect, cooperation, and equity.

Then, at the endgame, we will dance and shout “Kindness and compassion for the win !”  🙂

* Call to Manifestation *

In the following weeks, I consciously create and nurture feelings of kindness and compassion. Every day, I perform at least one act of kindness and/or compassion. This may be simple as a genuine smile or compliment, or being mindfully present to someone who is experiencing emotional difficulties.


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