Two Simple Clues to Discern Your Inner Wisdom From Your Human Emotions

Two Simple Clues to Discern Your Inner Wisdom From Your Human Emotions

Manifesting kindness and compassion is always what your inner guidance will help you do.  But not your human reactions.  So, how to tell the soft voice of your inner wisdom from the reactions coming from your human emotions? In this message, I will give you two simple signs to recognize the voice of your spiritual heart.

The Different Dimensions of the Heart

The word “heart” can refer to many things, so it is important to be clear about which level we are talking about, because it is a concept with many dimensions.

First, there is the physical heart, the one that beats in our chest and circulates blood in our body. You know that its importance is crucial for our life, because if it stops beating, it is the end for our physical body. But that is not the level we are talking about.

Then there is, higher in frequency, the heart of emotions, passions, attractions and repulsions. This is the heart of human emotions and love songs. These frequencies are restless, unstable, and very often off-centered. When they are really intense, we lose touch with our common sense and judgment, and these emotions make us, literally, lose our mind. This is true for attractions (“falling in love”) or for negative emotions of repulsion (“becoming mad”). Fear, contempt, feverishness, shame, guilt, are part of it. Also in these frequencies are joy, pride, and self-esteem, when they are based on specific external conditions, such as the attitude of others towards oneself. It is obviously not in these frequencies either that our spiritual heart is located. These human emotions are, more often than not, clouds that mask our inner wisdom.

The inner wisdom corresponds to the higher frequencies of the noble feelings of the heart, such as kindness, compassion, gratitude, serenity, understanding, wisdom, and all facets of the spiritual heart energy. Similar to the electromagnetic spectrum, the feelings of our inner wisdom are in continuity with human emotions, but they are at the higher end of the spectrum. The higher our vibrational level on this spectrum, the more unconditional love we manifest on a daily basis.

Two Signs to Recognize That it is Your Inner Wisdom That is Speaking to You

Here are two simple criteria for discerning our human emotions from the feelings that come from our inner guidance.

First, feelings from the spiritual heart never destabilize us, and inspire actions in line with kindness and compassion, for ourselves and the others. On the other hand, human passions and emotions can cause much inner agitation and lead us to act inappropriately, meanly, and even maliciously.

The second sign is linked to the level of expectations we carry. Human emotions often involve expectations that can easily be higher than what the situation can give. However,
the more our feelings come from our spiritual core, the more they are free of expectations. Thus, disappointments and frustrations do not come from the virtues of the Heart, but from lower frequency emotions. If you are upset or discouraged, the voice you listen to is not your inner spiritual guidance. What your inner wisdom say makes you calmer, and uplifts you. It learns you to act with kindness without waiting for recognition or any particular outcome. The virtues of the Heart tend towards unconditional Love, which acts freely and without expectations of results. Therefore, the management of our expectations, to make them minimal, and to maintain the simple intention to be in benevolence and gratitude, are powerful tools to evolve spiritually.

This is simple to express, but a lot of vigilance and presence are necessary to keep us more and more in the noble and luminous feelings of our inner wisdom. This unconditional Love is our true nature; living and manifesting it is the ultimate goal of our evolution as spiritual beings 🙂

* Call to Manifestation *

Each day, before taking a decision, saying something or reacting to a situation, I discern if this is a impulsive reaction from my human part, or if it is inspired by the soft voice of my inner guidance wisdom. I do it more and more often each week, until it becomes part

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