8 Ways to Show Kindness to Yourself

8 Ways to Show Kindness to Yourself

It is essential to know how to show kindness and love to ourselves. In addition to being beneficial for us, self-kindness strengthens our ability to show kindness to others. This is a win-win situation, as the presence of more kindness moves us together toward a more evolved society.

Taking Care of Our Physical and Psychological Health 

It is important to take an active role in improving and maintaining our physical and psychological health. We are better to take care of a health problem as soon as it arises, to prevent it from getting worse. Get informed on how to eliminate the causes, avoid aggravating factors, and know the means to reduce and even cure the problem. Do not hesitate to consult a health professional if necessary.

A physical body is demanding in terms of maintenance and health. This is even more true after a certain age. For example, a little stretching or yoga makes a big difference in the long run; getting in and out of the car doesn’t have to become a challenge. Let’s be kind and take care of our bodies. Let’s give it more than we invest in time and money on the maintenance of our car!

Our human psyche also needs care and maintenance, for example, nourishing contacts with others (more on this later). Again, for our emotional health, we should not hesitate to consult a competent and heart-centered professional, if we feel the need.

2. Eating Good Food

When it comes to our food, it is important to choose quality over quantity. Let’s give our body the best and avoid feeding it with toxic compounds. Let’s avoid industrial food, fast food, and simple sugars. Avoid chemical additives like monosodium glutamate, aspartame, preservatives, nitrites, and carcinogens related to smoking. Avoid artificial flavors and colors. Include as much organic food as possible on your plate, especially organic fruits and vegetables. Choose them in all colors – think of eating the whole rainbow 🙂 Learn to read food labels, it’s worth it. Without a doubt, eating well is an important form of self-care ( For more information, watch for my message on this topic in the coming weeks )

3. Choosing Wisely What We Watch on the Internet and on Television

If we have to choose our physical food well, we must also choose our emotional and intellectual food well. Let’s be kind to ourselves in the choice of our movies, our series, our videos, our television shows, and our video games. Let’s choose what nourishes the heart, let’s avoid what is toxic. If we spend hours watching anything on the internet, it is not without effect on our human psyche, and therefore on our human experience. Discernment is always necessary, out of kindness for oneself.

4. Surrounding Ourselves With People We Like and Who Inspire Us

It is very good for us to hang out with people we like and with whom we can be ourselves. People who inspire us. Without power plays, without submission or authority, without the need for unnecessary flattery. No judgment. Just mutual appreciation. Let’s look for people who are people of heart, genuine, and, of course …. kind, to themselves and to others !

5. Setting Healthy and Firm Boundaries With Toxic People

Being kind to yourself and others does not mean at all allowing yourself to be insulted or abused. It also doesn’t mean counterattacking. It is important to be able to express yourself calmly, but firmly, and to set healthy and clear limits to intrusive or toxic people. Take a healthy distance, too, when necessary. Harming ourselves by thinking we are helping someone else does not help us collectively. So, let’s know what is essential for us, and let’s politely, but firmly, make others respect it. Let’s invite others into our universe of kindness, rather than being drawn into their universe of intrusiveness and unkindness 🙂

6. Making Time for Ourselves

Maintain a healthy lifestyle. Slowly get out of “survival mode”, if you are caught in it. Make small choices each day to make room for yourself in your life. Do not tolerate the intolerable indefinitely. Take time to relax, meditate, do things you love, discover and develop your talents, and reconnect with the deepest desires of your soul, or your spiritual heart.

7. Knowing How to Forgive and Love ourselves as We Are

Our human dimension will never be perfect, this is not what is intended on this planet. Knowing how to forgive oneself, to show compassion towards oneself, are very powerful forms of self-kindness. That’s much more what we came here to experience 😉 It leads us to the integration of our past, to the fullness of our present moment, and to love ourselves, as we are. And then, it is through this doorway that we access the loving-kindness of others as they are.

8. Congratulating Ourselves on Our Successes

It is as important to recognize one’s strengths and achievements as it is to learn from one’s mistakes. Praising yourself for your successes is a beautiful manifestation of self-kindness. This healthy habit also allows you to receive recognition from others.

Take good care of yourself!

* Call to Manifestation *

Each week, I focus on one item of this list or an item on my own list of self-kindness gestures and find ways to manifest it more than I usually do. For example, I learn how to become better at setting healthy boundaries, or I take a little more time than usual for myself.


• I like to hear from you! You can add to the above list, if you’d like, and share below in the comments section one way in which you show kindness to yourself  🙂

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