Welcome to the Kindness and Compassion blog ! This site is about manifesting in our lives spiritual virtues like compassion, kindness, gratitude, unconditional love, forgiveness, cooperation, respect, and the likes. If you share those core values, you will find inspiration in the messages of this blog to center yourself more still in those noble qualities and help you manifest them more and more in this world. This will help this planet become a better place, and humanity to become a more evolved civilization!

You will also find on this blog useful articles to help you with your spiritual journey in today’s world. Those messages are linked to common sense and universal wisdom – not to any particular religion or tradition. The spirituality of Kindness and Compassion is a universal spirituality, simple and inclusive.

Together, let’s manifest kindness and compassion on this planet !

About the Author

My name is Georges, I am in my fifties, and I live in Quebec (Canada). What is more relevant for this website is that I am, just like you, a spiritual being living the experience of being human, with all that this implies in terms of limitations and imperfections, but also with the infinite potential of love and kindness and compassion that comes from the divine part in each of us, and which is our true nature.  So, as a human being, I have a family, a job, a house, qualities, and also flaws.  However, since my youngest age, the spiritual dimension of human life is central in my life, and I am listening to my inner wisdom, to the Presence of the divine within me.  My soul, through the qualities of the spiritual heart such as gratitude, compassion and kindness, is always manifesting itself more and more in my daily life. I identify more and more with the loving Presence that manifests in the energy of kindness and compassion, as I remember who I really am, and who we really are.

It was my inner guidance that inspired me to use the name “Wizlove”, more than two decades ago, when I started sharing and writing about spirituality on the internet, so you may sometimes see it or see “Wizlove-George” mentioned on this website. You may even remember chatting with me as Wizlove, over 20 years ago, when spiritual chatrooms were popular on the internet (If so, do not hesitate to send me a little hello through the contact page ! )

Since 2018, this same inner guidance has inspired me to create websites to transmit the beautiful energy of the spiritual heart, which I sometimes call the Heart of Light, and to assume my role as facilitator for all those who feel the call to manifest more and more kindness, compassion, gratitude, and all the other virtues of the heart, in their daily life. I first created a French website, which is my native language, and in 2022, I created this English website. The messages you will find here are shared in the perspective of universal spirituality, which is truly centered on the core values of kindness and compassion, in a simple and inclusive way. Kindness and compassion are universally recognized as good, and do not need the addition of complicated religious beliefs or any other elements of any tradition or teacher in order to make this world a better place !

I organize locally, in my little corner of the planet, meetings and meditations on kindness and compassion, and similar heart spiritual values. However, I will also hold live spiritual events over the internet, so subscribe to my mailing list to know when they will take place 🙂 I will be very happy to connect with you live at an upcoming kindnessandcompassion.org event!

I wish inner peace and harmony to everyone !


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