Spirituality and Food

Spirituality and Food

We can express self-kindness in many aspects of our life. Our food is a great place to express kindness to ourselves, and to provide support to our spiritual journey. It is clear that the quality and quantity of what we eat influences our well-being, our level of awareness, our energy level, and what we can call our vibrational level. When we want to optimize our nutrition, some of the basics are obvious. Then, according to the feelings and path of each person, we adjust and progress according to our own experience.

Learn to Identify the Chemicals on Food Labels

First, some evidence. Chemical additives are totally to be avoided, our body has not been designed to absorb them, as we can imagine. Substances such as aspartame and other artificial sugar substitutes, monosodium glutamate, preservatives (metabisulfite, etc.), artificial flavors and artificial colors (tartrazine, etc.), nitrites in sausages, should be completely eliminated. As we can see, we have already eliminated practically all conventional industrial food, which nevertheless constitutes a large part of what Westerners eat.

Eliminating toxic and undesirable chemicals also means learning to read and understand food labels. For example, monosodium glutamate is hidden under about forty different names (MSG, yeast extract, protein or hydrogenated vegetable oils, … find out more). It will take you some time, but do your research, and learn to discern what is in the food you buy.

Be vigilant, even health brands will sometimes use products that, without being downright harmful, have a questionable record, such as carrageenan… Do not hesitate to influence companies, and favor those that prefer a safe and natural alternative, such as guar gum, in this specific case. Do the same for any suspicious ingredients.

Cut Out The Simple Sugars and Large Servings

If it has not already been done, it is a great step to remove the huge amounts of refined sugars found in the Western food supply. Glucose-fructose (HFCS) is omnipresent. Yet, our pancreas and the entire human body are not prepared for this exponential increase in sugar consumption, which did not exist before the industrial revolution. This irrational supply of simple sugars is bad for our body and creates inflammation, even if it seems pleasant to the palate. Instead of eating our emotions, we have to manage them and transmute them! (more about this in an upcoming article). For healthy sugars, choose whole fruits 🙂

Moreover, another consequence of eating more conscientiously is that you will most likely reduce the amounts significantly, without going below your healthy weight. You will realize that Westerners eat too much, chronically. Quality will take precedence over quantity.

Go Organic !

We easily agree that chemical pesticides and herbicides are not good for our health. Our grandparents probably had a garden, and ate natural fruits and vegetables, without these toxic products. But since the 1950s and 1960s, the “standard” food industry has been offering us only contaminated products. So now, organic fruits and vegetables are our only chance to avoid these dangerous contaminants. And if we don’t trust the certifications, we can buy from local producers whose facilities we can visit.

With regard to genetically modified organisms (GMOs), this science is in its infancy, and many mistakes will be made. Nothing is clear at the moment. Caution is advised, especially since many of the changes are aimed at increasing crop profitability and product conservation, not health. And know that, in North America, disclosure is not mandatory, so if there is no “GMO-free” mention on a product, you are almost certain it contains GMOs.

Fine-Tuning, and Going Further

For specific types of proteins and substances that are present in large quantities in standard diets, we have to feel our body’s reaction. They may not be suitable for ourselves. Do you have a poor tolerance for dairy products? Does gluten, which is very present in the diet, make you sick? It is up to you to see, to do tests long enough, and to judge for yourself what is right for you, or not.

Many will be attracted to a vegetarian or vegan diet. It is up to you to discern what is right for you. Feel your vibratory level. Is it affected by the consumption of products of animal origin? Of course, we can ban meat because of the inhuman treatment of animals by the food industry. We can also ban it because industrial meat contains antibiotics and growth hormones. Out of respect, at the very least, let us reduce our meat consumption, for ourselves, for animals, and for the planet’s resources. And if even a small amount of organic meat from time to time affects you negatively, well, it’s up to you to decide if you want to stop it completely. However, make sure you know how to meet your needs for protein, iron and some vitamins such as B12. Whatever you choose, be well-informed.

Go Slowly and Be Prepared

There is much more to be said on the subject of spirituality and food. If you are turning to healthy eating, go slowly but surely. There are too many types of diets to be covered in this article (paleo, AIP, keto, …), so keep it simple, and start with safe and effective guidelines. By increasing the intake of organic fruits and vegetables, eliminating junk food and chemical additives, restricting sugar, moderating amounts, you will notice a higher energy level, and a clearer mind. Don’t spin in drastic or overly specific diets. It also takes time to adapt your taste to a new diet, especially if you have a sweet tooth, or are used to the enhanced flavors of processed foods. But over time, you will reprogram your food flavor preferences. You will remember and enjoy the taste of authentic food 🙂

Be caring for your body and mind, and adopt a healthy diet! This will support you in more mindfulness, more awareness, and more energy in general 🙂

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From now on, each month, I choose an aspect of my diet and make it healthier.  It can be cutting on sugars, or adding new food brands that are all natural.  I notice the effect of these changes on my energy level, and on my quality of presence to myself, to others and to the world.


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