Mainstream Media Shares About Kindness Extraordinary Power. Very Good !

Mainstream Media Shares About Kindness Extraordinary Power. Very Good !

A Friend of mine just sent me a link to a BBC news story about the power of kindness ( Thank you, Joe !) . Here is the summary of the report:

“Bernadette Russell spent a whole year being kind to strangers. How did it change her? And what happens in our brains when we are kind? Based on The Kindness Test, the world’s largest study of kindness, launched on BBC Radio 4 devised by the University of Sussex.”

The testimony of this woman fits with what I have experienced in my life since I have chosen kindness and compassion as my core values and have maintained the intention to manifest them every day.  Manifesting kindness makes me feel very good, a simple but deep joy, that has lasting effects.

The science back up presented in the news story is a plus – science meets consciousness.

You can also watch this 6 mins BBC news story, called “The extraordinary power of kindness“, on this BBC website page

Just let me know your feedback in the comments section below, if you watch this great video !   It surely fits with my worldview, as you can read in my recent post at

Kindness for the win, my friends !

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2 thoughts on “Mainstream Media Shares About Kindness Extraordinary Power. Very Good !

  1. George, in recent years, thanks to you and your compassion/kindness suggestions, I have made significant emotional progress.

    Thank you!

  2. Thank you so much for your kind words, Joe ! I am honored to have been of help to you.
    I am glad that you are now motivated to manifest more and more kindness and compassion in your daily life 🙂 I have seen the change in you, and it does make a difference in the world ! And again, thanks for this great link to the BBC news story on kindness.

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